1.355/825/321 3/32
1.503/427/321 7/32
1.7511 1/81 15/32
21 1/41 11/321 23/32
2.381 1/21 3/42 1/8
2.8222 7/322 9/16
The male JIS flange connections have an O-Ring in the face and no threads.
The male connection is secured around the female port with a Four-Bolt split flange.
The seal takes place on the O-Ring which is compressed between the flange and surface surrounding the female port.
Torquing the four-bolt split flange to a specific value retains the connection.
Note:The 5/8 size flange is exclusive to JIS.
JIS flanges are interchangeable with SAE Code 61 and Code 62 except for the four-bolt split flanges.
The split flanges use metric (mm) bolts.
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